Heatless Curl Expert™

Meet the quickest, easiest & healthiest curls of your life!

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Ditch the damage, keep the curls

Our Curling Rod was created to give you gorgeous bouncy curls without the harsh heat of curling irons. The application takes less than 5 minutes, then you can choose whether to sleep-in, blow dry or simply wait until your curls blossom!

Get heatless curls in 3 easy steps

1. Clip

Align the satin piece of your curling ears on the crown of your head and clip into place to secure.

Pro Tip: Lightly mist hair before starting for more defined curls.

2. Wrap

Take 2-3 inch sections of hair at a time, starting at the front top part and twist around the curling earls tightly. Bring each section under and around before picking up the next section and joining them together. Repeat from front to back until all hair has been picked up.

3. Secure

Take the smaller scrunchie and secure the ends. Wrap while twisting the curling ear upwards to create a bun on either side. Use the larger scrunchie to secure into place. Remove clips once secured to prevent creasing.

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It’s been amazing! My picture is from after I got stuck in a rain storm and they still held up! Best purchase of 2021 by far!

Edmond Vandervort

LOVE LOVE LOVE. 100% worth the money to buy the real one! make sure to put in your hair when it’s about 80% dry, not super wet!

Dinah Lance


It leaves my hair with the perfect waves. Usually my hair is impossible to curl and they never stay. My hair stayed wavy the entire day!

Claira Lang